Be Ivory Free

By; Christina LaMonica

Christina LaMonica at the Third Annual International March for Elephants in Washington, D.C.

Ivory Free Ohio Founder; Christina LaMonica, delivers White House Speech.  Photo Courtesy; Phil McAuliffe

I had the wonderful opportunity of unveiling “Ivory Free Ohio” to a National and International audience at the Third Annual International March for Elephants and Rhinos in Washington, D.C. The March was sponsored by Elephants D.C. and iWorry, an organization launched by Actress Kristin Davis; Patron and Ambassador to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya.

I was invited as a guest speaker, together with; New Jersey Assemblyman; Raj Mukherji, who succeeded in an outright ban of Ivory and Rhino Horn products in his state with Senator Raymond J. Lesniak. Pennsylvania Representative; Madeleine Dean who introduced HB 1537, and Premier Conseiller; Rod Rembendambya on behalf of His Excellency Michael Moussa-Adamo with the Embassy of Gabon in Washington, D.C., just to name a few.

As Founder of Ivory Free Ohio: a grassroots initiative committed to ending the trade of Ivory, Rhino Horn, and Trophy Hunting Products, my speech was framed around cultivating the courage to create change within our communities, educating ourselves and others on environmental policy, and bridging the gap of communication with State and Federal Legislators on how the trade of these products funds terrorism, threatens our national security, and our keystone species.

Ivory Free Ohio has received global recognition from NGOs and fellow constituents who are standing strong with their commitments towards an outright ban of these products in their communities and countries.

If you have not already, please visit our freshly pressed Facebook Group: Ivory Free Ohio – IFOH and Twitter Account: @IvoryFreeOhioto stay informed on news, legislation, and public hearings, within the United States and around the world.

To view my White House Speech, please watch here:

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White House Speech: The Third Annual Intl. March for Elephants in Washington, D.C.

Facebook Group: Ivory Free Ohio – IFOH

Twitter Account: @IvoryFreeOhio

Global Petition: Enact Legislation in Ohio Outlawing Ivory and Rhino Products 

Christina LaMonica Imagery

New York Ivory Crush in Times Square. June, 2015. Photo Credit; Christina LaMonica Imagery


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