Elephants DC Founder on combating the ivory trade

Elephants DC Founder; Jen Samuel, discusses China’s ban on ivory and how online auction sites provide a cover for the trafficking of illegal ivory here in the United States and around the world.

One thought on “Elephants DC Founder on combating the ivory trade

  1. In case you missed this:

    On Monday night the Council of Delaware, Ohio voted unanimously to ban circuses with wild animals – the first such ban in Ohio! The ordinance will need to be formally voted through in February, to be officially adopted.

    When we heard that the city council were planning a review of their permitting process, we flew into action with local campaigners to press for a ban and together we secured an important victory! There are 66 jurisdictions in 27 States in the USA – and counting!

    The engine for this success is ADI’s undercover evidence, which worldwide is opening people’s eyes to the suffering of circus animals. Our film of the suffering and confinement and abuse of the animals and meticulous notes from our investigators has exposed the behind-the-scenes suffering of animals. Please help us keep this vital work going! Donate here.

    This week in Great Britain an ADI investigation of the Thomas Chipperfield circus lions and tigers has helped turn up the heat on the British Government to fulfil its election promise to ban wild animals in circuses. At the same time, a plea by ADI and retired Member of the European Parliament, writer Stanley Johnson (father of Britain’s foreign Secretary) has also been extensively reported. Here are some examples of a week of extensive ADI coverage.

    Please help our campaign to Stop Circus Suffering.

    Please support TEAPSPA to end the suffering of wild animals in circuses across the US.

    Yours for the animals,
    Jan – Sig
    Jan Creamer

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