Moral and Environmental Values

The African Forest Elephant is predicted to become extinct by 2025 due to the illegal ivory trade.

The African Forest Elephant is predicted to become extinct by 2025 due to the illegal ivory trade.

The Elephant Neighbors Center in Nairobi, Kenya is an NGO that specializes in the education, conservation, and preservation, of African Forest Elephants, Black Rhinos, and Lions. The social control mechanisms applied are Moral and Environmental Values within Socialization.  An example of Moral Values would be; a plethora of extremists and activists believe that Kenyan Wildlife officials should have authority to kill poachers and leave their remains behind in the bush. From a moral stand point, killing anything is never the right answer. Instead of killing poachers, we must educate them and their communities about what is really happening to these species together with establishing ground based education and conservation programs. By not poaching these endangered animals, communities can sustain safari like eco-parks that attract eco-tourism and further bring funds into a region that was once on the brink of famine. Continue reading

White Gold

Seized Ivory from Zimbabwe.  7.5kilos/16.5lbs =$33K

Seized Ivory from Zimbabwe. 7.5kilos/16.5lbs =$33K

On October 4, 2013 and 2014, in over 40 cities around the world hundreds of thousands of people joined together to participate in the International March for Elephants. A global movement sponsored by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya, helping to raise awareness about the illegal ivory trade and the effects it’s having on the African Forest Elephant. National Geographic’s Bryan Christy described this phenomenon as the “First ever global demonstration on behalf of another species in the history of mankind.” Jim Justus Nyamu, Founder and Director of the Elephant Neighbors Center (ENC) in Nairobi, led close to 1,000 supporters to the White House in Washington D.C. His mission is to walk and talk while educating the masses with one simple message, “Ivory Belongs to Elephants!” Continue reading