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Tell Ohio’s Legislators to stand up for wildlife and vote for a complete ban of ivory, rhino horn, and trophy hunting products in our state. Copy and paste the template below and email your Governor, your State Senator, and your State Representative.

Subject: Institute a complete ban without exemptions on ivory, rhino horn, and trophy hunting products.

Dear State Legislators and Governor,

I am writing to you as a constituent and supporter of Ivory Free Ohio, to ask that you support legislation banning all intrastate sales of ivory, rhino horn, and trophy hunting products, in Ohio.

The United States is the largest market behind China for ivory in the world. Legal markets provide a front for illegal sales. Poaching and illegal trade of parts of animals such as elephants are major problems and are harmful to our national security and economic interests. The criminal networks that engage in illegal wildlife trade are the same groups that engage in other illicit activities, including trafficking in humans, drugs and weapons.

Sales of ivory have been linked to supporting terrorist groups. A recent report by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime linked a terrorist group responsible for recent attacks on civilians to ivory poaching in Kenya, and a study conducted by the Enough Project detailed how other terror organizations are poaching elephants and trading ivory for weapons and supplies to conduct destabilizing activities in Central and East Africa. This is a direct threat to U.S. national security.

The Obama Administration’s National Strategy to Combat Wildlife Trafficking includes a plan to institute a federal ban on commercial ivory sales. But as you know, only states have the power to regulate the sale of ivory within state borders. Closing all existing loopholes by enacting bans at both the state and federal level is crucial to stopping this illegal trade, saving elephants in the wild and preventing U.S. dollars from supporting illicit trafficking operations that lead to political instability.

Please help put an end to this crisis by supporting legislation to combat wildlife trafficking and enact a ban on the ivory trade.

Thank you for your consideration,
[Your Name]

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