Families can save Elephants and Rhinos


This drawing is one of thousands created by schoolchildren asking elected leaders to save Elephants and vote for an ivory ban. -Huffington Post

In 2014, The Toledo Zoo encouraged children to paint photos of Elephants showing their support for conservation, and Ivory Free Ohio is asking you to do the same.  We need to educate the younger generations and make sure that Elephants and Rhinos have a bright future for years to come. Here is how you and your family can help save these iconic, keystone species from extinction:

Create a photo of an Elephant and Rhino or download ours below and decorate it using crayons, markers, or paint, that you have at home. Have someone take an #elphie of you and your family and email it to us using the hashtag: #IvoryFreeOhio and post it on social media as your profile photo.  

Ivory Free Ohio will send your #elphies to our District Senator and display them on our Facebook , Twitter, and Scrapbook   pages for the world to see. 

Have fun and we look forward to seeing your ele-art!

United for Wildlife!
Ivory Free Ohio

IvoryFreeOhio@gmail.com – hashtag: #IvoryFreeOhio
Downloads Available Below↓
Ivory Free Ohio TemplateIvory Free Ohio Rhino Template


One thought on “Families can save Elephants and Rhinos

  1. What a great article! I figured I’d pass along what I found. Every act (big or small) takes us one step closer to ending poaching. That being said, recently I have discovered a small business, called RHInoHOPE, that is donating 10% of their profits to support the protection and conservation of Rhinos through their corporate partnership with the International Rhino Foundation! (www.rhinohope.com)
    ~ I am not affiliated with them in any way, I am simply spreading the word about a small business that is trying to make a difference.


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