David Yarrow Photography

Ivory Free Ohio is a grassroots movement dedicated to working with and educating communities about earth and environmental studies, wildlife management and preservation.  We are working towards a complete ban of all raw and worked Ivory, Rhino Horn, and Trophy Hunting Products in the state of Ohio without exemptions.

We are a voice for the voiceless and will continue to stand strong in the global movement to protect our keystone species from extinction.

Why we do what we do:

1 Elephant is killed every 15 minutes for its tusks which is equivalent to:
4 Elephants an hour
96 Elephants a day 
672 Elephants a week
2,960 Elephants a month
35,000 Elephants a year

We teach our children that “E” stands for “Elephant” not for Extinction. Help be the change and support our movement to ban all sales of Ivory, Rhino Horn, and Trophy Hunting Products in Ohio.

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