Trump Administration Quietly Decides — Again — To Allow Elephant Trophy Imports

By; Colin Dwyer

Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images

Exclusive: Trump Slams Elephant Hunting For Trophies, Skeptical Fees Go For Conservation

In an interview with Piers Morgan set to air Sunday, Trump calls the initial U.S. decision to lift a ban on trophy imports “terrible.”

By Yashar Ali

In an interview with Piers Morgan set to air Sunday night in the U.K., President Donald Trump used the word “terrible” to describe the initial decision last year by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to overturn an Obama era ban on the import of elephant trophies.

Trump also says he does not believe the substantial fees that hunters pay to hunt elephants and other species actually go toward conservation efforts, as is often claimed, and instead are pocketed by government officials in other countries.

Trump confirms that the ban on importing elephant trophies from the African nations of Zimbabwe and Zambia will remain in place. That was not clear after he initially put the ban reversal on hold, pending further study.

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China Shuts Down Its Legal Ivory Trade

Two years after a joint pledge with the United States to ban the domestic trade in Ivory, all of China’s government-licensed carving factories and Ivory retailers are about to close.

China is one of the world’s biggest consumers of ivory products. By the end of 2017, it will have imposed a near-complete ban on buying and selling ivory.

By; Rachael Bale

For Now, Trump Keeps Ban on Import of Elephant Trophies


For Now, Trump Keeps Ban on Import of Elephant Trophies

Elephants DC Founder on combating the ivory trade

Elephants DC Founder; Jen Samuel, discusses China’s ban on ivory and how online auction sites provide a cover for the trafficking of illegal ivory here in the United States and around the world.