Elephants DC Founder on combating the ivory trade

Elephants DC Founder; Jen Samuel, discusses China’s ban on ivory and how online auction sites provide a cover for the trafficking of illegal ivory here in the United States and around the world.


In Banning Ivory Trade, China Saw Benefits for Itself, Too

Confiscated ivory in Zhuhai, China, last year. The ban reinforced President Xi Jinping’s campaign against corrupt officials, who frequently use ivory products as bribes. Credit Imaginechina, via Associated Press

BEIJING — China’s vow to shut down its commercial ivory trade by the end of this year was welcomed by environmentalists as a turning point in the fight against poachers. Activists cheered the government’s pledge for swift action, and the state-run news media called it a “monumental win for Elephants.”

But in making the decision, announced on Friday, to bring the world’s largest ivory market to a halt, the Chinese government also saw benefits for itself. The ban reinforced President Xi Jinping’s campaign against corrupt officials, who have been known to use ivory products as bribes.

It galvanized support among African allies, which have long pressed Beijing to help curb poaching, as China looks to expand its influence on the continent.

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Take Action

Tell Ohio’s Legislators to stand up for wildlife and vote for a complete ban of ivory, rhino horn, and trophy hunting products in our state. Copy and paste the template below and email your Governor, your State Senator, and your State Representative.

Subject: Institute a complete ban without exemptions on ivory, rhino horn, and trophy hunting products.

Dear State Legislators and Governor,

I am writing to you as a constituent and supporter of Ivory Free Ohio, to ask that you support legislation banning all intrastate sales of ivory, rhino horn, and trophy hunting products, in Ohio.

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Jim Nyamu on China’s Ivory Ban & Walking for Elephants

Executive Director of Elephants Neighbors Centre here in Kenya Jim Justus Nyamu joins Michelle Ngele on Morning Express. Jim is a recipient of the Ecowarrior 2016 award. (KTN News Kenya, 2017)

One Of America’s Largest Ivory Markets Bans Sales

A new law in Hawaii is being hailed as one of the strongest anti-wildlife trafficking measures in the nation. – Chris D’Angelo Associate Editor, HuffPost Hawaii
Thousands of African elephants are killed each year, often for nothing more than their tusks.