World Rhino Day

Kifaru by David Yarrow

Kifaru by David Yarrow

It’s “World Rhino Day”!  Please support or enact legislation banning the sale of Ivory and Rhino horn products in your state.  Tell your friends and relatives never to buy products made of these products.  Because when the buying stops, the killing can too! –WildAid

Senator Frank LaRose; Home Town Hero

Ivory Free Ohio

Ms. Christina LaMonica with Ohio Senator Frank LaRose (R)

Thank you Ohio State Senator Frank LaRose, (R)-District 27, for taking the initiative to enact legislation banning the interstate, intrastate, and Internet sales of all raw and worked Ivory, Rhino Horn, and Trophy Hunting Products in our State without exemptions.

Much appreciation goes out for all of your signatures, support, and encouragement. Collectively, we have received over 118,000 signatures supporting an ivory free Ohio.